BEVERAGE COMPANY – EST 2020 Drink It! is a privately-owned single location non-alcoholic beverage company located in Libertyville, Illinois. The company provides creative drinks on-the-go, including water, fresh fruit drinks, smoothies, soda, Italian soda, and other refreshing carbonated options with a plethora of mix-ins and sauces. The goal of this organization is to sell goods in the hospitality market while promoting a fun, hip, and community-oriented culture

The concept comes from the minds of a husband-and-wife team residing in the Chicago suburb of Libertyville, Illinois. Living with two young children and always on the move. The group noticed a want to hydrate with healthy drinks not available through local fast-food restaurants. Drink It! is a concept not only wishing to raise revenue but also seeking to give back to the local community.

Drink it! is located at 123 Main St. in Libertyville, Illinois. This year is our company Grand Opening and to celebrate, social media followers will receive a buy1get1 free offer all year long. Simply follow our Facebook or Instagram page for coupons. 2020 will be the year the Libertyville residents finally receive the healthy and refreshing beverage options they crave.

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